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June 27, 2011


photo of the day 6/27/2011 - photos Mark I Chester

Still riding on the energy of Pride..... I started photographing men by photographing gay parades, first in Chicago and then later in San Francisco. Something really struck me about these images. The men in them were nothing like any images I had seen of homosexuals in either the main stream media or in homoerotic magazines. And in some odd way, photographing men was an attempt to create my own visual iconography and visual definition of what it meant to be gay.

The photograph on the right was taken in the square across from City Hall, back when the grove of trees hadn't been decimated out of fear that people were *doing something* in them. I carried around a copy of this photo for months, until I ran into this beautiful young man so I could give him a copy of it. I find the look on his face charming, engaging and overwhelmingly erotic. Everything about these men defines for me a moment in time in gay history.