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June 20, 2011

photo of the day 6/20/2011.  photo Mark I Chester

This portrait of NY performance artist Shelly Mars is dated 1/1984 when Shelly was living in San Francisco, some 27 years ago! I am posting it in honor of Shelly's birthday.

I was shooting black and white film in low light and over-processing it to give it a very grainy quality. I love how intense and alive Shelly's eyes and lips are in this photo. We had done a photo shoot with Cleo Dubois and her snake Momo and Shelly had helped. I was really fascinated by Shelly. Just a few months later Cleo and I did a performance piece called Dark Scars at Studio Rhino with bondage, monologues and Momo to boot.

When one of the performers quit after the first show, Shelly filled in on the 2nd night with dancing and a performance that was driven, dark, mysterious, funny and somewhat insane. ;) Shelly was fabulous.