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June 15, 2011   


photo of the day 6/15/2011 - photo Mark I Chester
"Fire in the Fast Lane" from the series 'City of Wounded Boys & Sexual Warriors', 1982.

This is from a series of photos taken after the Folsom St. Fire. We are fast approaching the 30th anniversary of the Folsom St. Fire, which few people even remember at this point. At the time,... it was the largest fire in San Francisco since the 1906 earthquake. It burned down a half block of Folsom, wiped out two dead end alleyways and stopped at the door to my bedroom/playroom/studio. What followed were crimes. They were allowed because I was young, gay, poor and into non-standard sexuality.

You have to remember at this time some firefighters and police wore Free Dan White t-shirts and they were still angry over the White Night Riots at City Hall. Burning cop cars with sirens wailing sorrowful tears, a bitter response to the travesty of justice that allowed Dan White to get away with murder with just a slap on the wrist rather than the death penalty.