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June 16, 2011   


2nd photo of the day - 6/1/5/2001 -  photo Mark I Chester

Ok, so I couldn't help myself. We have been inundated with every bad wiener joke, pun and allusion in the book. (Btw, I didn't realize that heterosexual men used the term "package." I thought gay men said "package" and hetero men said "junk." You learn something new every day!)

But as ruffled for the cameras as the members of Congress are pretending to be, the group that is really outraged are those named Weiner. After a lifetime of verbal abuse, teasing and jokes because of their name, the last thing anyone named Weiner needed was some jackass named Weiner in a public sex scandal that focused mainly on his wiener with both text and visual imagery to bang the point home.  And it was banged home, rather repeatedly.

One blogger tried to find the silver lining in this scandal when he said, "Well at least now they know that jews have big wieners."