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June 13, 2011   


photo of the day 6/13/11 - photo Mark I Chester
One of a group of photographs submitted to Bruno Gmunder who is putting together an anthology of gear fetish photographs called Brave. Based on the book's title, I also wanted to submit a series of images of my ex Robert Chesley in a superman spandex outfit showing ks lesions, but that pushed the bar too far.  The image of Bob/Yehuda, a jewish leatherman wearing teffilin was also too brave.  And then they removed all my images of black men from my submission.  So, I guess, overall, that the anthology is not THAT "brave." ;)
I can't believe that I am the only leatherman around who goes beyond the traditional imagery of white musclemen posed in gear.  Or maybe I just have a twisted sensibility. ;)