Mark I Chester
Bad Boys on Parade -
portraits on the verge of the new millennium

Chip & Walt Mark I. Chester
from "Bad Boys on Parade - 
portraits on the verge of the new millennium" 1999
 photographs - 11"x14" matted to 16"x20"

This work is very closely aligned with the images from "the dream of my youth is dead but I can't stop dreaming," the body of work that came just before this one.  All the photographs before these two bodies of work were matted in black mats, but the images in both of these bodies of work are matted in white.  The images from "the dream of my youth..." are dreamy and nearly loaded with psychological intent, while the images from "Bad Boys on Parade" are sharp and focused and matter of fact.  Like two sides of the same coin with very different faces.

And what more appropriate image for the first image in the series than 'Chip & Walt,' who came to my studio and embodied the very idea of bad boys on parade.  And that is how it happens sometimes.  Someone says a phrase, or acts in a certain way and all of a sudden the light goes on in my head.  And that is what happened when I photographed Chip and Walt.  After the shoot, I knew the body of work would be called "Bad Boys on Parade."  And in some ways, it is the final evolution of 20 years of work starting with "Feeling Good on the Edge of Madness # 1."  From sexual excess to grief and loss to spiritual exploration and sexual healing and back to sexual excess again.  What else is there for me to say?