Steve Davis
Body/Art Redux

Thanks for checking out my site and my artwork.  I hope you'll stop by and view the work in person and meet me in person.

This work only exists because you're here viewing it. My artwork only has any worth or place in the world because you are here seeing it. As I see it, the artwork I create is as much yours as it is mine - without appreciation, my work exists in a vacuum of nothingness. You give me a role, and purpose in life, that I otherwise wouldn't have. You prevent the greedy, destructive world from destroying me and keep cynicism at bay. The only way I can repay you, for such a generous gift, is to keep working, until a day when I have created a body of work worth your time and patience.

If anyone reading this thinks I am being overly sentimental with such a naked statement, you're mistaken. It's the truth of my life as an artist to connect my work with the outside world, to stir thought, and hopefully, an emotional response in the viewer. Anytime someone enjoys my work, it is an affirmation of my whole life, and that is something no amount of evil in the world can take away from me.

Steve Davis, San Francisco
July 2006