Steve Davis
Body/Art Redux

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Steve hold a BFA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Art University.  In addition to his professional work as an Industrial and Graphic designer, he plays guitar, piano and percussion with his group Nostalgic Futurists as well as co-producing their four albums and seven single EPs.

From 1991 to 1995, Steve independently published Soul 4 Sale, a poetry and music journal, as well as three books, Sleeping: Practice for Death (1993), Recitation to the Angels (1996) and the compendium novel, Strangulation Therapy (1998).  Steve has also written for zines such as Labyrinth and I Think Dark.  Using a quick sketching technique complimented with highly rendered details, Steve creates vividly colored scenes from the dreamlike to the erotically charged.

You can see more of Steve Davis' fine art work at:

Steve Davis - self portrait in leather 2006