Steve Davis
Body/Art Redux

I wanted to break away from the stiffness I perceived as infiltrating my work after finishing my degree in design. I joined
Mark I Chester's drawing group to reconnect to my base as an artist and encourage my growth on a personal artistic level.

Working in the group allowed me to see how other artists approached the human form on an individual basis, using a wide variety of materials and mediums. This enabled me to break away from the stricter approach I developed during school and expand my current skills. Once I was freed up to communicate in my own language, on my own terms, my work changed dramatically.

I work primarily on acid-free 8.5" x 11" size cardstock paper, using a large palette of colors and textures, which added a new dimension to my already individual style.

For the Up Your Alley Fair showing of Body/Art, which we've labeled Body/Art Redux, I've taken some images from the original show down and added others, in addition to adding more images that specifically relate to the leather, fetish and body modification community.  Mark asked me to add some of my digital photo self-portraits to the show to balance out his digital portraits of me.

I take photographs of myself as personal documentation, more so than as art or pure photography.  I started taking photographs of myself at the age of 10 when I got my first camera.  I photograph everything from pure portrait photography to purposeful image distortion in order to convey emotion, mood or infer location.  I don't make any distinction between something that is graphically sexual and something that is traditionally photographed, as they both have elements of self-expression.

I hope that you get the chance to meet me and see my drawings and self-portraits in person at my show.

Steve Davis, San Francisco
July 2006